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We constantly enhance our solutions through innovation

Greenvironment’s research & innovation efforts are focused on understanding environmental challenges and minimising technology cost to the end customer. Our innovation team is based at India’s first university-driven Research Park- IIT Madras Research Park and we are supported by business incubators- IIT Madras Incubation Cell and IIT Madras’ Rural Technology and Business Incubator (RTBI).

New Innovations:
“Real-time monitoring instrument for Water and Wastewater treatment plants”

Increasing consumption of fresh & recycled water urges to maximise the output of treatment plants- both in terms of quality & quantity while reducing the operating costs. Our real-time monitoring system for water & wastewater treatment plants has been developed to give local operators a guideline that would allow them to arrive at the optimum operational strategy in the early stage of a process disturbance.

Small scale decentralised treatment systems especially for residential and commercial buildings show a large fluctuation in their influent water quality loading and, therefore, they require an efficient operation for treatment of organic matter, solids other impurities. However, the requirements to lower running costs, most of the treatment systems are being forced to operate with a minimum number of unskilled operators. It is too costly for customers to employ a local expert to maintain plant properly. We have recognised these problems and developed real-time monitoring systems for any existing treatment plant.

Key Features of the Solution:

– Internet of Things [IoT] based smart sensor solution on Cloud, no need of laying communication cables or requires software installation
– Monitors- PH, Flow, DO (Dissolved Oxygen), ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential), TDS (Total Dissolved Salts), Level, Pressure and Temperature
– Keeps automatic record of above parameters
– Alerts over email or SMS

The solutions serves as the key information needed for efficient operation, and help to transfer knowledge from the experts at a remote control centre to local operators in real-time.

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