Are we smart in using water?
Greenvironment India is an environmental engineering company incubated at IIT Madras offering smart water & wastewater management solutions for residential communities/apartments, commercial establishments, institutions and industries.
Why smart water & wastewater management?
By treating water & wastewater, we help protect fast depleting water resources and improve our quality of life. Hence choosing the right treatment with smart technologies to obtain potable drinking water and reusing wastewater is inevitable.
Our Solutions

Smart Water Management:

Total water management of buildings by real-time quality & quantity monitoring

Process Improvement:

Enhancing efficiecy of water,effluent & sewage treatment plants through technology enabled domain experts.

Design, Build & Operate:

Build new or retrofit existing water, wastewater treatment Plants, near net zero liquid discharge for Effluent Treatment plants

Support & Consultancy Services:

Water audits,real time monitoring & conservation strategies


Greenvironment Innovation & Marketing India (P) Ltd is an environmental engineering company incubated at IIT Madras, focused towards providing innovative & cost effective technologies for smart water, and wastewater management solutions based on sustainability principles.

We are passionate about anything that involves a cleaner environment
We use technology to embrace and preserve nature
We display environment friendly solutions


Safe, Sustainable and Clean Earth


To provide cost effective environmental technologies for Water & Wastewater Management


We constantly enhance our solutions through innovation

“Real-time monitoring instrument for Water and Wastewater treatment plants”

Key Features of the Solution
– Internet of Things [IoT] based smart sensor solution on Cloud, no need of laying communication cables or requires software installation
– Monitors- PH, Flow, DO (Dissolved Oxygen), ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential), TDS (Total Dissolved Salts), Level, Pressure and Temperature
– Keeps automatic record of above parameters
– Alerts over email or SMS

Case Study

In the following case studies, you’ll see how Greenvironment India has provided the experience and expertise necessary to develop customised smart water management solutions for applications in a wide variety of projects.

Multi Speciality Hospitals, Chennai
Smart Water Management in hospitals is helping them reduce 100 litres/person/bed resulting in 20%-30% water conservation
Food Processing Industry, Dindigul
Smart Water Management System in a Gherkin Industry (pickled cucumber) assures 100% recycle and re-use of effluent.
IT Park Buildings, Chennai
The periodic alerts generated by the Smart Water Management System on water consumption helped identify and fix leakages in the building thus reducing the water consumption by 10%
Hotels/Restaurants, Chennai
Complete water/wastewater management system in hotel is Chief Engineers’ informative tool that provides insights on ways to maintain water quality, understand consumption pattern and maximise business returns.
Residential Gated Communities, Chennai
Reduced the dependency on external of water by producing good quality recycled water for 55% of the community’s (172 apartments) needs, thus saving 30% of overall water costs.

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Corporate Office:
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Greenvironment Innovation & Marketing India (P) Ltd

  First Floor, IIT Madras Research Park, Kanagam Road, Taramani, Chennai 600113
  +91 99626 63255; +91 90030 99505