ROI Workings- Commercial

No.of Employees:
Total Water Supplied :
Water Supply, LPCD:
Water requirement for general cleaning, Litres(1 l/m2/day):
Total Common area of the building, m2:
Water requirement for Gardening/Irrigation, Litres(5.5 l/m2/day):
Gardening/Landscape Area/Irrigation Area Available, m2:
Water consumed for cooling tower:
Water Requirment:

Consumption Type General Purpose Toilet Flushing Gardening Cooling Tower Others
Quantity of Water consumed
Percentage Consumption
Consumption Availability in %

Source of Water:

Source Type Bore wells Municipal Water Tanker (10 KL) STP Recycled Water WTP Treated Water Sewage Disposal
No of units 1 1
Capacity of Source Type/Tanks
Percentage dependence on Source

Source Availability in %:

Source Type Bore wells Municipal Water Tanker Sewage disposal
Cost per KL per day
Total Cost per day

Total Cost for Souring/purchase of water per month
WTP Operating Cost per month
Cost for Sewage Disposal
STP per KL Operating Cost per month

Total Cost per month